who we are


We see ourselves as the fortunate ones because the events we are able to be a part of are truly gifts to us. We are invited into some of the most intimate and memorable moments of peoples lives and we do not take that honor lightly. Every decision, from logistics to design, is with our client's heart in mind. We feel so fortunate to get to do what we do! 



Growing up in the South, I learned quickly the importance of knowing how to host a good party. My mom was incredible at creating large gatherings for family and friends and often recruited me to help. What first started as a chore, quickly became a passion.

After graduating undergrad, I took a leap and followed my high school love to Oregon. With a heavy heart and a doubtful mind, I never thought the Pacific North West could become a home for me. Now, well into my third year, I'm falling more and more in love with this place and it's people. I've been fortunate to work on events at the corporate level for the last three years but I've recognized my longing for something more. Since taking that first leap, I've learned the value of risks and decided to take another by starting Honor.

I believe I have a heart of hospitality and a gift at making memorable moments. I'm inspired by creating experiences made of intimate and thoughtful details centered around the cause of the celebration. When I have the chance to serve, I care deeply for the people I am serving and see it as a gift to be invited into some of the most memorable moments of peoples lives. I'm excited you've found us and would love to meet you. 

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Born and raised in Minnesota, I have gotten through many long winters with warm gatherings. We'd celebrate anything to distract us from the cold weather! My parents were always hosting parties for me and my sister, which went from piano recitals, and athletic end-of-season parties, to year-round holiday gatherings. Being exposed to  these moments, helped me gain a true spirit of celebration and appreciation for all of life’s milestones.

My husband and I moved to Portland in 2015 to pursue our dreams and haven’t looked back. Two years after discovering the sweet life in Portland for ourselves, I could not be more excited about all of the treasures this city holds. After months of entertaining dinners for each other and our families to enjoy, Sarah and I found we shared a love for hosting, planning and style.

I believe I have a heart for service, a concern for others, and a longing for organization that brings about the tools to provide guidance in making your moments come to life. When Sarah needed help with a bridal shower I was delighted to fill the spot. Now after discovering our successful partnership we are finally here to make our endeavor official.